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Once we understand your situation at Newlands Park we can treat you with homeopathy, acupressure and bioresonance so that your body starts to function back to it’s optimum.

Rona FrancisRona Francis is a registered homeopath and has extensive experience in the sector having worked as a health practitioner since 2003 and has has been practicing at Newlands Park since that time. Rona graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in Physiology in 1993 and is also a qualified teacher. She graduated from the London College of Classical Homeopathy in 2000 and is a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.  She has been using and developing diagnostic kinesiology, which has involved running workshops and lecturing in Europe. In 2009 she had a book published, co-authored with Roger Dyson, titled Obtaining Optimum Health. She has further developed her practice by using Bio-Resonance since 2009, the Rayocomp PS1000, in assessing and treating patients, with great success. Bio-Resonance is a hi-tech and modern way of assessing which organs need harmonising using the Rayocomp PS1000. Rona is also a Member of the Society of Bioregulatory Medicine.

You can contact Rona on 07809 575448 or by email

Louise DrydenLouise Dryden is fully qualified since 2010 and is registered with the Society of Homeopaths. She is a graduate from the Centre of Homeopathic Education. She has extensive experience in the field and has been practicing at Newlands Park for a couple of years. Louise offers treatment for acute and chronic conditions and she specialises in female and family health. Louise has two sons, who are exclusively treated homeopathically and are full of health & vitality.

You can contact Louise on 07512 202989

Why Choose us?

A thorough investigation
Our aim to find out why you have your symptoms and help remove any obstacles that are preventing you from getting better.

The treatment is suitable for all ages, including pregnant women and babies.

No side-effects
We do not use any toxic drugs.

We work by stimulating your inner healing mechanisms.

Optimum Health
The treatment works on the whole body, so you should feel an improvement in your general well being.

Preventative treatment
Boosting your own defence system enables you to develop better resistance to common infections such as colds and flu.

We take into account not only your symptoms but also your general health, diet, well-being and family history.

We have successfully treated numerous patients with a wide range of conditions. Most of our business is through recommendation.

We see people with the following conditions:

COMMON PROBLEMS – Skin conditions- Eczema- Allergies- Intolerances- Hayfever -Asthma- Headaches- Migraines- Sinusitis- Sore throats- Tonsillitis- Joint Problems- Arthritis- Irritable Bowel- Stress- Anxiety- Depression- Tiredness- Insomnia- Chronic Fatigue

WOMEN’S HEALTH– Painful,irregular,heavy periods-PMS-Endometriosis-Menopause-Fibroids-Pregnancy-Morning Sickness-Childbirth complications-Post-natal Depression-Breast-feeding problems-Mastitis-Urinary problems-Cystitis

MEN’S HEALTH – Prostate problems-Erectile issues- Haemorrhoids

BABIES AND CHILDREN – Asthma-Eczema-Cradle Cap-Teething-Glue Ear-Recurrent Ear Infections-Colic-Eating Problems-ADHD

Doctors can often tell you WHAT is wrong with you, but we at Newlands Park aim to find out WHY you have your symptoms.  As we are now live in an increasingly toxic world our immune systems have become compromised and we are developing adverse symptoms. By addressing the root cause of the problems, we can look at bringing about a curative response, which is not drug dependent.

Using kinesiology (muscle testing) and Bioresonance we will test you on a wide range of environmental pollutants, bacteria, viruses, foods etc. Once we have identified your sensitivities we can formulate a plan to avoid future adverse reaction. This may involve a process of de-sensitisation using acupressure points as well as correcting imbalances using resonating frequencies.

In addition to strengthening your tolerance to allergens, we also prescribe homeopathic and herbal remedies to boost the healing process. Moreover we can carry out a full body check using Bioresonance  that can detect and treat any energy imbalances within the body.

As our treatment uses detailed assessment to treat not only the presenting symptoms, but also the cause of an illness, it reduces the likelihood of recurrence, thus maintaining ongoing optimum health.


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